Collecting Research DataSavana Consultancy and Research Service Ltd. (SCRS) is a leading development research consulting firm registered in Kenya and in the South central Somalia, Puntland and Somaliland and it offering the best local research expertise in the region, with the right mix of competent professional staff. Savana was formed by a group of likeminded consultants who were initially associates for different organizations and have vast experience in conducting development oriented research in emergency and post-emergency recovery situations in the Eastern Africa region. Savana also provides tailor-made practical solutions on institutional capacity development, and technical support to various development programmes. Savana is legally registered in Kenya and in Somalia.

Savana is headquartered in Nairobi Kenya Parklands, City Park estate, AMCO Crystal Building, Apartment 2D with branch offices in Mogadishu and Hargeisa Somalia. Apart from permanent staff and full time and experienced professional associate consultants, through linkages and networks Savana is able to tap into a wide range of experienced personnel to undertake a wide range of development research based assignments.

At Savana, we recognize that CHANGE is the most constant element in today’s globalized and highly dynamic development environment. For individuals and institutions to be able to perform better, Savana believes that they must devise strategic and creative ways of managing that constant change.

Savana brings together over twenty years of hands-on professional experience and expertise working with community groups, local and International and NGOs, the UN working in diverse environments in the region. This vast experience has shown that the traditional project approach, as employed by many local and international NGOs and governments to fund projects without any sound research evidence base, often ends up being a straitjacket and in many instances, is the main reason why numerous community groups and local NGOs fail in their development interventions.

Savana brings together a network of experienced professionals associate consultants with many years of hands-on experience in the field of development research and, organizational strategic planning and institutional capacity development which have been instrumental in supporting efficient and effective management and institutional development. Savana seeks to provide expertise, skills and techniques that will enable individuals and organizations to effectively respond to today’s development challenges.

Our Vision

 A world class development research firm serving the horn of Africa region

Mission Statement

To provide a broad range of quality development research, training, programme development and management strategic planning services to national and international NGOs, UN agencies and business corporation in the East Africa region

Core Values

  • Business Integrity
  • Neutrality
  • Professionalism
  • collaboration
  • Honesty

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Our Team

Who we work with

We aim to better our clients by offering effective and innovative services. We have vast experience in executing projects for clients from a variety of sectors and fields. Our past and current client list is comprised of the following.