We understand that at some point you have a management dilemma, that problem that requires a management decision .
. . . at IResearch Solutions, we call it an opportunity because that is what we will turn it into

What do we do?

We will listen to you, ask probing questions and listen to discover exactly what facts management has gathered, what the managers are concerned about, what the problem is from their point of view, what the problem really is at various levels of abstraction . . .

What next?

After we hear you out, we come to what Savana Consultancy is good at: Measurement; Scaling; Sampling; Finding elusive insights . . .


We will then draft a proposal that clarifies our understanding of the study and specifically the management research question(s). It will spell out the following:
  • Statement of the research problem and question
  • Our understanding of the research problem and question
  • Our methodological approach that outlines the proposed study and sample design
  • Offer timing and cost proposal 

Which way now?

In the current information age faced with numerous commercial and social challenges, Savana Consultancy provides our clients with creative and innovative solutions through gathering of data and processing into strategic insights

By leveraging our strengths in robust data, leading analytical techniques and highest level of client service . . . we surely will show you the way

Who we work with

We aim to better our clients by offering effective and innovative services. We have vast experience in executing projects for clients from a variety of sectors and fields. Our past and current client list is comprised of the following.