Institutional capacity development services

Institutional capacity building

We undertake institutional capacity assessments to identify capacity gaps in your organization; Staff capacity assessment and SWOT analysis. Based on the results we develop capacity-building strategies aimed at increasing efficiency within the organization.

Strategic planning

We support the development of strategic plans. This includes formulation of organizational mandate, vision, mission and objectives, key strategic/result areas, activity and work plans, and resource mobilization and allocation.

Financial services

Our pool of financial consultants work with international NGOs to support in planning the financial systems and frameworks for programs and projects, to respond to specific donor and host-government regulations and requirements. The team also works closely with clients to offer personalized financial advice and provide information and guidance on topics that include taxes, investments and insurance decisions.

Translation services

We provide translation services of scientific; technical, commercial, literary, legal, and educational documents from English to Somali or vice versa. Our consultants have the knowledge and the capacity to performing these tasks to ensure that the translated version have the full meaning of the original text.

Institutional policy and procedures development

We work with clients to design their management systems, develop Administrative, Human Resources and Financial policies and procedures.

Organizational development support services

SAVANA has developed innovative and all-encompassing project management cum organizational capacity development approach dubbed The Building of Effective, Efficient, Sustainable organizations (The BEES Approach). This is a framework that looks at organizational development holistically and is used to guide the organization through key stages and components of organizational processes and project management. Through this approach, clients are able to deal with day-to-day challenges in their organizations. A team qualified in project and financial management and organizational development is assigned to each organization throughout the agreed period.

Programme/project support services

These includes third party monitoring, provision of technical support services aimed at enhancing organizations programme delivery through support in planning, implementation, tracking results, documentation and dissemination of lessons.   Savana has developed competencies in supporting the following programme areas:
  • Agricultural- (Agricultural feasibility studies; Agricultural needs assessment; Agricultural project implementation and management; Agricultural education and training and Land management).
  • Business consultancy – (involving business planning, personnel management and estate and financial management advice for agricultural firms).
  • Agronomy: (plant protection, soil and water conservation, plant ecology, animal husbandry, veterinary).
  • Environment: (biodiversity and stability of ecosystems; Impacts of climate change on tropical environments and ways of mitigation; land degradation; deforestation, and waste management sectors at institution or/and country level)
  • Child protection: policy advocacy; demobilization and reintegration; youth capacity development, training and employment.

Who we work with

We aim to better our clients by offering effective and innovative services. We have vast experience in executing projects for clients from a variety of sectors and fields. Our past and current client list is comprised of the following.